98 accurate binary indicator

98 accurate binary indicator

98 accurate binary indicator

range then this is where you jump in obviously i would always recommend to put a multi-time frame analysis on top of that so you start on the higher time frame determine the direction to define your areas find areas and then time your breakout entries and breakout entries are 

very straightforward you simply wait for the marker to just close outside of a range the most important misc or the biggest mistake that traders do is that they get into early because 

they're impatient they don't want to miss the breakout so as soon as the market is reaching such an area even here probably intro candle this looked like a very promising move very big

 candle and then people were betting on this level to break however as a breakout trader it's really really important that you actually wait for the market to break out of your range and then

 only get in the most important thing or one of the most important things is that not always will you get a pullback and this is the one thing that if you choose to become a pullback trader you have to be absolutely clear that sometimes you're going to miss a pullback sometimes the 

market breaks out and simply just takes off and the most important thing is that you don't have any regrets you should not have any trigger feelings so you chase the markets you have 

to be absolutely clear about what is your edge as a breaker as a pullback trader your edge is pullback trading your edge are pullbacks your edge is not breakouts if a pullback happens you can be okay with just sitting back and let the breakout traders make their money you know 

this is not your style of trading so you have to be really okay with that you have to accept that and that is very important otherwise it can create a lot of inner turmoil a lot of doubts a lot of regrets and a lot of fomo when you see that breakout traders are making money and you are 

not so not always will there be a pullback and not always will pullback traders get entries on the other hand breakout traders sometimes will get into a breakout and then they will see their unrealized profits evaporate when the market pulls back to actually make the breakout so

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again there's always a pro and con based on the strategy that you are choosing there's no better or worse there are very different dynamics and you have to just accept and you have to be okay and you have to understand yourself how do you like to trade the market what feels 

natural to you are you okay with being a breakout trader getting in on a breakout seeing the market go in your favor coming back to perform the pullback which it often does not always you see that your unrealized profits evaporate and then it takes off or are you a pullback 

trader and you don't mind that the breakout traders sometimes make money and you're not in the trade like something what we are seeing here well defined inverse head and shoulder let me draw it in and i need to change the font color this is an inverse head and shoulder


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breakout traders were able to jump on it here and then make money and there was no pullback so if you're a pullback trader you have to be 100 okay with missing such opportunities because this is not your edge and this is very very important as a trader so 

assuming you're a breakout trader this is usually where you get in and then as a pullback trader what you are usually doing is that you are either or you have to define how do you actually get into pullbacks what is the pullback place that you are waiting for is it a previous

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support level that is turning into resistance is it a cluster for example of a breakout entry of a support turning into resistance and a moving average or maybe even a fibonacci level which i will show you in a bit and then what you're doing is you wait and then what i would 

recommend don't just jump blindly on the market just because it had has reached a level wait for actually some price action and you could go even to a lower time frame and then time your entry with a breakout for example

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