PowerFull Arrow Indicator Buy Sell Binary Option

PowerFull Arrow Indicator Buy Sell Binary Option

Power Full Arrow Indicator

 let's try to do that we go now we're on the 30 minute let's go to for example the five minute and you can see here on the five minute we have a micro structure and here you can see we can draw a horizontal level and we have a actual head and shoulders here so you could try to do that you go on a

higher time frame you define your breakout area then you wait for the breakout to happen you wait for the market to come back and if you get a lower time frame micro structure this is where you can then take an entry and you could take this to another extreme even and you could even do another pullback

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on the lower time frame and that is how you can micro time your entries uh lower time frame to higher time frame or actually higher time frame to lower time frame and that would be also an approach how you can do that with pullback trading and breakout trading i hinted that previously fibonaccis are very 

important fibonaccis are super powerful tools and fibonaccis are great great for trading pullbacks so what you want to do is you wait for the market to break for example the 50 period moving average which is one of the most important moving averages you can see very often when the 50 is broken let's 

change the color new trends often emerge so you can't see on a break it goes here on a break it goes down not always will it work so sometimes the market will fail that's totally fine nothing works 100 i repeat this in every video that i make and then here we have the same thing we have a very strong

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breakout and then as a pullback trader you would wait and where do you get in you could get in right at the moving average here or you could also lay a fibonacci on top of of that and you can see here we 

have the cluster of 50 and 38 fibonacci so we have a super super strong area here we have a 50 period moving average on the one hour very important level we have here the fibonaccis and that all comes

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together you could also then draw a support resistance wait for bla flip zones and then again you could go to a very low time frame 15 minute 55 minute for example and then look even to uh to time your entry on a different way you could look for a triangle patterns here and then time your entry on a much 

much lower time frame if this is what you're after it but fibonacci retracements are super important and if you don't know how to draw them just a quick reminder what you do is you go to the beginning of a impulsive move you go to the beginning of a trend in that case the trend started here on this big jump 

then you see where's the trend ending or the first trend wave ending here on this candle and then you see we have a 50 percent perfect retracement uh where is also the 50 the 50 period moving average and

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then you have a beautiful reaction on a five minute you may even have here you can see we have even another pattern as i've seen on the 15 minute you have a triangle and then you could get in on the breakout


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