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 best non repaint indicator 

 i've been trading breakouts for over 14 years and in this video i will show you how to get into breakout trades i will show you also what are the best pullback opportunities what is the difference and how to form a multi-time frame analysis and provide actual entries and how to 

get into trades on the low time frame where i start talking about strategies and entries here is the time stamp and you can jump right to it if you want to skip the theory however i would recommend that you stick around until the end because there's going to be a lot of interesting things and i will make sure to not make it too long so let's get into the video so generally

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speaking breakout and pullback trading is actually pretty similar very often breakout and pullback traders are even in the same trades however the entry prices and the entry dynamics are a little bit different so let's cover the basics and then i will go into actual charts and show 

you how to find the best breakouts and how to time pullbacks so when we talk about breakout trading usually obviously as the name suggests you are breaking out of something usually those are sideways consolidations or any pattern that you are usually finding and as a 

breakout trader what you usually do is that you draw your levels around highs and lows to define your patterns and then once the market or once the price breaks out then you get in so a breakout trader usually enters on a breakout into the into a new momentum high see when

 the market is making higher highs and higher lows the trader would draw a horizontal level based on pass price action past swing highs and then once the market breaks out of that and breaks into a new high you go with the momentum this is very important because this means

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that you're going with the flow also it means that you need confirmation you need to know that the market is already moving so naturally you will get in a little bit later however you're going with the momentum which can mean that you have more information already and you're going 

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with the flow which can increase your win rate so the most important thing is and the biggest difference is that often breakout traders may have a slightly higher win rate and it goes to the expense of a lower reward to risk ratio this will become very clear in one second when we 

look at pullback trading because product trading can be a little bit more risky because when you're a pullback trader you wait for the price to come back so for example wait for the price to pull back so you wait for the market to come lower and then you're trying to time the lowest

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possible entry price when the price is retracing you are trying to get in for a lower price what is the drawback the drawback is obviously it's very hard to nail when is the pullback going to end 

how deep is the pullback going to be there are a few trading tools and indicators that i will show you in a bit but this is the hardest thing about pullback trading so you may have a lower win rate because you will get it wrong every now and then because nailing a pullback is not 

as easy however what's the upside the upside is that you are in trades much much earlier and then your potential reward to risk ratio increases so as we will see later there's no essential right or wrong or better or worse they're very different dynamics and you have to estimate as a trader how do you like to view the markets what feels more natural what feels better for you 

and where do you see your edge you don't mind a lower one rate but you want a high reward to risk ratio pullback trading may be for you or do you like constant positive reinforcement a higher win rate but you don't mind if your winning trades are not as high then breakout trading

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 may be for you this is the most essential difference and now let's go into charts and i will show you how to find breakouts versus pullbacks so when it comes to timing your entries as a breakout trader or pullback trader you can choose various tools for example you could choose

 horizontal support and resistance i will also show you how to use trend line breakouts and retests and we will also use fibonaccis which are very powerful and very popular as well so basically what you are trying to do is first you're trying to define a range market you need to

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be able to put the price into a box because you need to know when the price is breaking out and then as a breakout trader you are waiting for confirmed breakouts once the market is leaving such a well-defined

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