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Forex and binary pro signal

Forex and binary pro signal free download

 Hi and welcome to PRO CODER channel in this video we are going to take a look at the RSI indicator now RSI or relative strength index is a momentum oscillator which is measuring the velocity and magnitude of directional price movements it is very similar to the stochastic 

indicator only we can say it's a bit slower and we're going to take a look on how to use the RSI indicator to find profitable trades with binary options trading now if you watch the first video where I presented the use of the stochastic indicator you can see this is the same chart 

set up and we're going to continue from here so as I mentioned before the stochastic indicator is a good basics but it should be used with another indicators to confirm the profitable trades so let us add the RSI indicator on to this chart so I'm going to click here I'm going to add

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indicator and I'm going to select the RSI now once you add the RSI you can see here it's a period 50 RS I I want to change it and to make it a period 14 RSI which means it's a bit faster 

and I'm going to delete this blue line because we have no interest in to this one right now so I'm going to remove this one and here you can see I'm getting the RSI indicator which is kind

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of a curve it's again the oscillator it moves between two levels which are defined by zero and one hundred percent and how do binary options traders use the RSI is they define the levels usually 7030 or maybe in some more extreme cases 80 20 or even 1090 so I like to use the 70 30 lines so I'm just going to draw two horizontal lines to define the levels and I'm going to

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 double-click and i'm going to enter the value of 74 this line and the next line would be the level 30 so I'm going to enter this now if you watch the previous video about how the stochastic indicator works you remember that we said once the stochastic line is below level 

20 we can look for the price to go up and once the stochastic is above the level 80 we can look for the price to go down the RSI is very similar indicator so here we only have to define a bit different levels as I told you the level 70 and 30 so let's say if the RSI would be above the 

level 70 or if it would be above if it would be below the level 30 we are looking for the potential trade so above level 70 we're looking for the price to go down and below the level 30 we are looking for the price to go up so let me just move this back I'm going to zoom in a little bit so

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let's say you saw the results that can be achieved with only with the stochastic indicator in a ranging market the stochastic indicator by itself will allow you to make more trades and there 

is quite a big profitability with this but if you want you can also use the RSI as the confirmation of the stochastic indicator so in this case this would already present a simple trading system so let's say you can say once the stochastic is below the level 20 and and the RSI is below

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the level 30 I'm looking for the trades up and similar in fashion when the RSI is above level 70 and the stochastic is above the level 80 then I am looking for the trades down so let us try to find these situations and let's see what kind of trades we could make so basically I'm waiting 

for the boat lines here to be above the defined levels so in this case here if I would wait for the confirmation of the RSI I wouldn't trade because I want it to be above this upper white level so let me see where I can find a trade okay so here you can see this would be a situation where I could enter the trade

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