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forex scalping mt4 indicator  Forex scalping mt4 indicator  

and this is again how you could do higher multi-time frame analysis and time your trades that way let's just look at the brutish pound us dollar a very popular Forex pair and let's look at how this could have been approached again we want to look for patterns first of all it's always 

nice if you can put the price in a box and then wait for the breakout that's usually how it goes because breakouts and pullbacks are usually formed after the market gets out of those ranges you never want to trade in those ranges a very very big key characteristic of trading so

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 here you can see we have an inverse head and shoulder on the downside left shoulder head the right shoulder somewhere here breakout traders would naturally get in here on the

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breakout pullback traders then wait for the market to get back to either the pullback area or the moving average or even both you could also probably draw a fibonacci here where did the trend start you can say it started here you could also make an argument for here let's say i 

would say personally the trend started here after the market bottomed out and then here you can see the market started making higher highs and higher lows so let's actually see that where's the highest point of this trend wave it's either here or here and you can see we have

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 the fibonacci from here to here and the replacement is a perfect 61. if we draw the fibonacci here you can see we have even a perfect also perfect 61 replacement around here so again a

 very very hard cluster for the price to break below and it's ideal for timing pullbacks when you see such a big cluster it's uh it's a very very good chance that the market will actually respect 

that and of course don't jump blindly on it you could go to the five minute for example to time it on an even lower scale but if you see that the moving average the 61 fib and also the previous breakout area are..

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