forex and binary trading indicator free download

forex and binary trading indicator free download procoders.xyzForex and binary trading indicator

coming together in one place those are high probability and high impact clusters and then you can see the market traded higher you could even make a case for okay i want to trade another breakout then here on the next trending leg you draw your pattern or your zone 

somewhere around here oops let me grab this you can see we can nicely define the market here we can draw our Fibonacci from here to here where's the end here and you can see when we zoom in Fibonacci started from here to here the break the pullback perfect to the pip 

forex and binary trading indicator free download

at the 61.8 Fibonacci and that is where you want to get in or roughly around that we could go to the lower time frame and see how did it look back then and you can see you could draw a 

micro structure here on the lower time frame use your trend line tool and wait for the trend line to get broken out and this is then how you can really nicely time your trade on the lower time

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frames you can get in a very very tiny and tight stop loss which boosts your reward risk ratio and this is how you could approach your trading with this pullback approach um and then let's just because it's just here and it looks very interesting at the top the market has been doing 

the same we have here range market let's define it with a horizontal level and you can see breakout and pullback happen very close by i would say that the Fibonacci top could be

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drawn here here's the low of this trend move and let's make it accurate you can see already 

the Fibonacci is again a very high impact cluster 38.2 and the breakout level come together here and provide you a great opportunity for pullbacks as well so i hope you got something 

out of this video breakouts pullbacks um again no better no worse nothing wrong nothing right it really comes down to your personality as a trader how do you view the markets what dynamics makes sense to you and how do you feel comfortable let me know in the comments

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 below which one you like more uh breakout or pullback and then i will be back on Tuesday with another trade sight Tuesday video so stay tuned thank you for watching and happy trading

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