Real Afaq Nawaz Indicator Free Download PRO CODER

Real Afaq Nawaz Indicator Free Download

Every trader will have his own personal preferences for support and resistance tools. Some traders will only use static levels, whereas others might use a mixture of classic and dynamic support and resistance. Unlike classic support and resistance areas, dynamic levels are S&R 

zones that change. Each time a new candle prints on the chart, the S&R level is re-adjusted, and the trader will use the new level for their decisions, and not the previous one. In today

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video, we’ll discuss the most important 10 trading indicators that will offer you dynamic zones of support & resistance. 1. Moving average One of the benefits of using moving averages for 

finding dynamic support and resistance is their ability to be handy when the make charts, away from major levels on the market. And as a Forex or stock trader, you cannot ignore the 

moment when the price reaches the area of a moving average. You must understand that something is going to happen when the price reaches a moving average. It will bounce, or will

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break through. The logic behind why moving averages as support and resistance work are very similar to why price moves. Let’s say that most traders use 20, 50, 100 or 200 period moving averages. When more traders expect something to happen around these moving 

averages and they have a common goal, a move will probably happen. For example, you use the H1 chart and the price rises to the 50 EMA. That could be a really good dynamic support or resistance level. You’ll notice that every time the price touches 50 EMA and tests it, you’ll

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see a bounce back down because the price uses this moving average as resistance. Of course, the price will not always perfectly bounce back from the moving average. starts going back in the trend direction. That’s why one of the best ways to estimate the ability to move 

averages as support or resistance areas is to watch price action around them and combine them with classic support and resistance levels. And this is valid for all indicators we’ll discuss in this video. 2. Hourly Pivot points Pivot points plot seven support and resistance levels

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intended to find intranet turning points in the market. Since many market participants track these levels, price tends to react to them. Pivot points have the advantage of being a leading indicator. They can either act as trade entry targets themselves by using them as dynamic

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support or resistance, or as levels for stop-losses or take-profit levels. While many traders use the daily or weekly pivot points, you can also use hourly pivots, to find dynamic areas of support and resistance. The hourly pivots are calculated based on the high, low, and closing 

prices of previous hour and they're excellent tools to predict dynamic support and resistance levels in the current or upcoming hour. intranet areas of support and resistance, and they work even better when combined with other kinds of technical analysis, like price action or

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other indicators. Bollinger Bands Graphically, Bollinger Bands (BB) are two lines that limit price dynamics from above and below. These lines act as a kind of support and resistance areas, which are located at levels far from the current price most of the time. Bollinger Bands

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are drawn at distances equal to a certain number of standard deviations. Since the magnitude of the standard deviation depends on volatility, the bands adjust their width: they increase when the market is volatile, and decrease in more stable periods. Bollinger Bands identify 

natural extremes in an emerging trend. A dynamic resistance zone forms below the upper band and a dynamic support forms above the lower Bollinger Bands. The uniqueness of Bollinger Bands as dynamic support and resistance is that their width changes in response to

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changes in market volatility. The Bollinger Bands are plotted around the average, but the bandwidth is proportional to the standard deviation from the moving average for the analyzed period. for example, during a news release, the band widens, when the market is calm, it narrows.

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