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hey guys welcome back to a different episode in this video we'll be hunting our terribly straightforward nonetheless profitable new madx elapid system that you simply will use in the

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 once new content is discharged a very vital purpose before we have a tendency to begin everything we have a tendency to discuss during this video will be used for currency commerce stock commerce and crypto as a result of value action stays comparatively

 consistent across different assets therefore we're getting to go very in-depth during this video the new madx elapid commerce strategy is an extremely low risk high reward strategy if you employ it properly the sole issue that could create this technique fail over the long run is you

 not protrusive to the rules the madx elapid system is unbelievably simple {and easy|and straightforward and straightforward} to use once you're wont to it and have created a few

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 trades with it you will find that you're defrayal terribly little time really running with the system system setup this can be normally a awfully clean system when you check out the chart setup you will notice that there ar indeed only a few lines and indicators drawn on which means the

 chart is incredibly uncluttered and simple to scan there are literally solely 3 indicators used in the total system even though at the start it's like seven i've listed the individual indicators you

 wish and then i will justify what all will first two hundred amount sma or straightforward moving average applied to the standard value average of high low and shut two hundred amount sma

 calculated off the high of every candle 200 amount sma calculated off the low of each candle second ten amount ema or exponential moving average applied to the standard price average of high low and shut 10 amount ema calculated off the high of every candle ten amount ema calculated off the low of every candle third five amount adx or average directional movement

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 index applied to the standard value average of high low and shut the two hundred amount sma may be a basic moving average line that calculates and plots the common value over the last two hundred candles the 10 amount ema is another moving average however this point

 it's shrewd the average over the past ten candles and this moving average is exponential that simply suggests that it offers a touch additional weight or importance to the foremost recent candles over the oldest ones the moving averages tell U.S.A. the direction of a trend if the

 road is moving up it suggests that there's associate degree uptrend and if the line is moving down it suggests that there's a downtrend the adx is the average directional movement index and it extremely enhances the moving average lines this indicator in its most basic kind

 measures the common direction up and the average direction down over a set amount in our case 5 candles the indicator {is U.S.A.ed|is employed} to inform us the strength of a trend it

 does not tell U.S.A. the direction of a trend the adx draws a line on a graph beneath our main chart if the road is moving upwards it suggests that the trend is strengthening if the line is

 moving down it suggests that the trend is weakening there are bound levels on the graph once the road is below an explicit level it suggests that there's no trend in the slightest degree

 and once it's on top of an explicit level it means we have a tendency to ar in associate degree extreme trend all this can be explained additional clearly as i go through the system with you

 establishing the short-run trend direction this can be the primary component of the new madx elapid system the idea is incredibly straightforward and therefore the basis of just about each trend following system ever devised we solely interchange the direction of the trend that the

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 very first thing that must happen is for U.S.A. to establish the direction of the short term trend and then make preparations to interchange that direction the stress here is brief term this is wherever the two hundred sma to stay it simple from currently on i will decision this the black

 line comes into play we have a tendency to use the black line to help U.S.A. simply establish the direction the market is taking possession over the last 200 candles it's simply a most easy principle you'll get if the black line is moving upwards it means the short-run trend is up

 conversely if the black line is moving downwards it suggests that the short-run trend is down there is a disadvantage to the moving average it is a insulation indicator so the real value has already modified from one trend direction to a different before the moving average changes

 direction therefore we'd like a secondary indicator to ascertain that manner we have a tendency to should be commerce to complete the delayed facet of the moving average and the indicator we have a tendency to use is that the best indicator of all price once {the value

 the worth the value} crosses the moving average we then amendment our trade precedent to put that in straightforward terms if the worth is on top of the black line we solely take long

 trades if the worth is below the black line we solely take short trades meaning we have a tendency to will solely ever purchase the currency if the worth is on top of the black line and

 we solely ever sell once the worth is below the black line this is a strict rule that is rarely broken this basic methodology will 2 terribly important things for U.S.A. which makes the system most additional

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